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Sundaes & Shakes

Carvel Boss Shakes™

Availability Varies by Shoppe

What is a Carvel Boss Shake™?

Carvel Boss Shakes™ are our unique spin on the irresistible, crazy creations affectionately known as “Freakshakes.” From the magical Unicorn Fairy Dust Carvel Boss Shakes featuring pink and purple marshmallow drizzles and rainbow sprinkle cones, to the mash-up of fudge, peanut butter and cookie dough that is the unbelievable Choco-Peanut-Butter-Cookie-Dough-Aholic Carvel Boss Shakes™, to the incredible Oreo Cold Brew Java Carvel Boss Shakes™ that combines real Oreo cookies and cold brew coffee, each Carvel Boss Shake™ is a party in a cup. Complete with the best, freshest ice cream and other outrageous toppings, our next-level milkshakes fall somewhere between drink and dessert, which is why you need a spoon AND a straw to enjoy one.

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